Chematest 35

Robust, handheld and accurate – our Chematest 35 and what it has to offer. 

Measuring Range

The Chematest 35 is characterized by an enlarged range of methods and accessory measuring equipment. The robust and long-living pH- and redox potential sensors are suitable for measurements in clan up heavily polluted samples. 

These digital sensors are equipped with an integrated temperature measurement and are delivered with a high-quality protection vessel. They are easy to operate, fast and economical in use.

The enlarged carrying case provides supplementary storage space for all the necessary measuring equipment needed for daily quality measurements. 

► Free, Combined and Total Chlorine                                0.00 – 10  ppm
► Chlorine Dioxide                                                                0.00 – 20  ppm   
► Ozone                                                                                        0 – 2.5 ppm
► Bromine                                                                                    0 – 20  ppm
► Iodine                                                                                        0 – 35  ppm
► pH Range                                                                               6.5 – 8    pH
► Cyanuric Acid                                                                        0 – 100   ppm
► Redox Potential (ORP)                                                -400 – +1200   mV
Specific Conductivity                                                    0 S/cm – 100  mS/cm

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Range of Applications

Scope of Supply

Our Chematest always comes in a carrying case, find out what is included in the scope of supply below. 

A) Carrying case                                                                                        G) 4 glass cuvettes
B) 2 blister packets for reagent bottles                                                  H) Brush for cuvette cleaning
C) Storage compartment containing USB charging                               I)  Chematest 35
cable and 6 wipes for cuvette cleaning                                                 *J)  1 sensor protection cap

D) 2 cuvette adapters                                                                             *K)  2 sensor compartments  
E) Dropper bottle for rinsing water
F) 10 ml syringe

*J) additional cap available as accessory                                         *K) sensors are being sold separately