Chematest 42 – The Advantages at a Glance

The individual factory calibration guarantees an accurate turbidity measurement from 0.01 FNU/ NTU

The smart cuvette offset management secures a robust low-range turbidity measurement

Highest precision and repeatability due to the predefined cuvette orientation

The removeable cuvette holder allows an easy and time-saving measurement routine

Turbidity measurement fully compliant to DIN ISO 7027-1 and USEPA 180.1

Chematest 42 

The unique and brand new multiparameter device which includes turbidity measurements

The well known Chematest devices from Swan are lifted to the next level. With the Chematest 42 a very important parameter in various fields of application is now covered as well – the turbidity.

Turbidity measurements are fully compliant to DIN ISO 7027-1 and US EPA 180.1. The individual factory calibration of every device guarantees a robust and accurate low-rage turbidity measurement from 0.01 FNU/NTU.

Highest precision and repeatability result from the fixed cuvette position – the cuvette is mechanically aligned to the very same position throughout all measurements which allows a smart cuvette offset management.

Measuring Range

NEW: Turbidity                                                                   0 – 1000  FNU/NTU
Free, Combined and Total Chlorine                                0.00 – 10  ppm

Chlorine Dioxide                                                                 0.00 – 20  ppm   
Ozone                                                                                        0 – 2.5 ppm
Bromine                                                                                    0 – 20  ppm
Iodine                                                                                        0 – 35  ppm
pH Range                                                                               6.5 – 8    pH
Cyanuric Acid                                                                        0 – 100   ppm
Redox Potential (ORP)                                                -400 – +1200   mV
Specific Conductivity                                                   0 S/cm – 100  mS/cm

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Public Pools

All relevant parameters in one device. Using the proven DPD-method ensures precision and reproducibility of online analytics. Saves maintenance time and costs for pool control and water treatment.

Potable Water

Verify your online measurements for additional security. Handy to use and suitable for even the most remote sam-pling points where no online monitor can be installed. Suitable from the source to the distribution network.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Quick and easy QA/QC spot-check analysis to monitor the effective sanitization of your pharmaceutical water for compliance. Provides confidence in analysis accuracy by using traceable standards for verification of the measurement precision.

Food & Beverage

Operators of industrial plants require verification tools for their online water analytics to maintain the process water. Also, aquarium or fish farming operators require a good water quality monitoring to reduce maintenance costs.

Product Introduction Video 

Learn more about our new Chematest 42 by watching the official product introduction video.